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Part 1: Charles Jourdan - An avalanche of creativity

welcome to my
Charles Jourdan
Feel free to post my pics..but Please provide a link to this source. :) Thanks As a Jourdan Collector since the late seventies, I've haven't been able to find a sufficient number of close-up photos of some of Jourdan best decadent styling. They do appear, but usually low-res and miniaturized. I have a large collection from this era, a few singular "jewels" from other CJ post-seventies collections. this includes some of Karl Lagerfeld' inspiring looks. I'm here to share as many of them as possible. This is also a shrine to Mr. Bernard Didelle, whom I believe got my beautiful obsession started back in a high school art class while thumbing through a Charles Jourdan Printemps 1978 catalog I snagged from a store called "Flahs" in Syracuse, New York, (they had a great range of CJ's for a small upscale dept store)! Also for Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton who knew exactly how these hot-house flowers needed to be cultivated. Lush, Elegant, and a lot of the time decadent. Enjoy my passion for CJ. If you have a favorite photo, please email me and I will post it. There is also photos of other designers that fit into the same sensibilities these Classic Jourdan beauties. Eventually this entire collection will be donated to the BATA Shoe Museum in Toronto. Please feel free to email your comments to: See photos at the bottom of the CJ gallery. Feel free to download, but please credit this site.
CJphile•NYC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Homage to Guy Bourdin. The genius behind these photo images. Hollywood last - "Linda" peep toe pumps Hollywood last - "Anchorage" peep-toe pumps Have these in brown satin and gold metallic monosole. A link from photographer Alva Bernadine for Guy Bourdin images: Thanks Alva! :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos by Chris Van Wangenheim Dior, licensed through Jourdan, produced their version of the 'Insolent" sandal. Dior /Jourdan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos from "After Dark" Magazine - May 1978 Bette wears "Toulouse" pattern on the Defi construction injected platforms with gold ankle-straps and pom-poms. Spot them in the large group photo at the top of the page. Bette and her red boxes! Lots of Allegro's. Bette and a sea of red boxes! Lots of Allegro's. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Photos of my shoe collection I will add as many new photos as possible as time becomes available ------------------------------------------------ L to R: Sprirale -Phenix sandal in gold metallic kid/ gold chain, Bacarra/Fabrice, ankle strap in black patent and gold mesh ankle tie, Auteuile, in black kid and tan kid,Casanova, in brown suede/gold metallic kid and gold metal post heel, and black suede/silver metallic kid and silver post heel, last shoe on the end: Bacarra/ black suede/silver, gold metallic kid accents, silver metal post heel: name unknown. Baccara - "Auteuile" in black kid, mint in box Baccara - "Frivole" ankle straps. black patent with perspex and patent ankle straps. mint in box Baccara - "Fabrice" ankle straps in gold/black patent. mesh ankle tie. Mint satin/embroidered organza evening bootsHermione construction - "Valdes" bootFuschia Studio 54 Cowboy boot - name to follow soon. Diamant construction in silver metallic macrame'New! Baccara - "Girls". Gold lurex mesh/Black satin. Off to the Leather Spa for new original "target" type taps. Close up of Spirale construction - "Phenix". mint/unworn. Dior also offered the sandal with the same name. The difference was the Dior sock liner logo. One of my favorite designs. Charlotte Rampling wearing "Phenix" sandals. Spirale construction -"Phenix" and Helena -"Arpege"Helena construction - "Cadillac" crystal cuff sandals. One of THE best. one more.... Lucille construction - "Sissi" soft mint green kid/green lucite. mint.   A new photograph of "Diamant" shot by Christopher Morris
April 21, 2012. Thanks for the birthday present Chris!
  Red metallic Diamant construction sandals.
Unbreakable unlike the cheap lucite of todays mfgs.
Diamant construction from the 1978 catalog - The ulitmate Lucite wet-dream moment. Diamant construction - "Allegro" mule in luggage tan Diamant construction red kit chain sandal and green patent. Red/mint. Green/sold Guepard construction: pattern "Defi" . 1977 mint. Rare. Fantastic. Insolent construction -"Irene" silk foral poppy sandal - pink silk faille, 1977 mint. "Insolent" sandal - Aqua silk faille. Purchased in Germany.Fuschia and Black faille "Irene" silk floral poppy sandals. Thanks to Angelo V. for the black version special ordered for Joseph Department Stores."Anchorage" peep-toe Court. black kid. mint hollywood - "Linda" - white kid. slight wear "Hollywood" construction mule Hollywood construction- "Atlanta" sandals. Red metallic/ multicolor metallic kid.Hollywood construction- "Atlanta" sandals. Bronze metallic/ multicolor metallic kid. This bronze pair is not part of my personal collection. They're part of a private anonymous archive and lent for photos."Lydie" construction - red suede, red metallic accents. slightly worn. resoled by a stage celebrity to avoid falls, but extremely rare. Lydie construction "Amelie" fan Pumps. mint /near mintLydie construction - "Asteria" wing pumps. Thank you Angelo V.! Perfect condition. Angelo is a true Charles Jourdan collector/conservator as well.
A Photoshop piece I did with a sandal from the Spring '80 catalog  "Nagpur" Summer 1980 - added 5/2013
Xavier Danaud - 1980 added 5/2013

Other favorites: John Galliano, Dior, Diego Dolcini, plus CJ Baccara and Helena variations. YSL Lips ankle strap peep-toes...including the very rare bone-red lucite/ red enamel colorway, Gucci - (super rare runway rigging samples), CJ Alicante' ,Minnie Mouse, Allegro, and partial view of the Dolce Gabbana butterfly hybrid wedge. "Asti" Mint Spectators - 1977 Patrick Cox goes glam for CJ in 2007~back view of group Before the move! Collection Detail: Lagerfeld, Prada, Jourdan, Gianmarco Lorenzi, LeSilla, Celine. Lagerfeld lucite/metal double heel and some favorite Prada' Click on "OLDER POST" for lots more photos! Your comments and corrections are appreciate. please feel free to leave them. Sorry, shoes are not for sale, but I'm open to buy. Send me an Email if you have something fabulous to sell! :)


Majo said...


Thanks for the shrine. I was in love with those Jourdan pumps from the early '80.

I wasn't able to afford them, as I was only 18 at that time. They would be a must now for me.

I hope you can collect all those pictures.


Shrine To Charles Jourdan Shoes said...

HI Majo,
Thanks for your comment. Glad these photos hold some meaning for you! I have an entire library to photograph yet; so stay tuned. Many CJ and others to follow! :)


hard liquor; soft holes said...

LOVE the collection. just stumbled on your blog. wish you would post more!

HG said...

Thanks Steve, be sure to name my blog with pics you've posted.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

you're welcome! thanks for sharing the collection!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

great update as well!

Beth said...

I am glad to see your collection. Your catalog looks awesome. Nice blog too. keep it up the good work.

Shrine To Charles Jourdan Shoes said...

Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed the blog. :)

KLascaris Design Studio said...

Hi Herb,
Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my work. It's an honor, coming from you, because I know you know and love Charles Jourdan. I'm not sure which stores bought the wedges, but I'll let you know if I find out.
Best Regards,

HG said...
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HG said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your kind words. Your talent is really wonderful and so happy someone else out there can identify with the joy of shoes and especially those of and inspired by Charles Jourdan. Keep up the fine work and stay in touch.

I have so much to add to the blog. There are crates and crates of archives to photograph. Stay tuned!


Shawn said...

Can you please tell me the name of the Red Diamante Sandals? I owned a bright blue and a black pair in the late 70's. I would just die to have them again. Thank you so much for these pictures.

Shawn said...
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ts said...

My wife was a model in Milan in 1979 and went to Paris and got a pair of CJ they were gold platforms with a beautiful purplish blue top and matching flower and ankle strap - they were so sexy I still remember them to this day.

tf said...

Hello, I'm trying to find the year for these CJ boots I have. I see you have catalogs that might have information. I wonder if you know this style of boot from Charles Jourdan, short ankle boot with a thick rubber sole which has ridges on toe and heel. Looks like a moon boot, suede and metallic fabric trim. CJ circle logo on the ankle. I'd post a photo but I can't here. I also have a shoe in the same style, suede, metallic fabric and rubber sole, but what year?

HG said...

The sandal is the "Insolent" construction with the "Irene" silk poppy decoration at the instep. If you look through the photos, I have two photos of this favorite sandal. One in Fuschia, the other in Black.
The heel is beautifully scribed giving it an art deco feel. Hope this helps~


HG said...

Hi TF, I will research and get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting!


HG said...

HI Shawn,
The last was "Diamante" as you mention, but unfortunately I don't have the pattern name at this moment. I'll research my catalog and get back to you.

The mules were called "Allegro".


Vincent said...

Hi, love the pics of strappy sandals - lovely

HG said...

Thanks Vincent :)

Glad you enjoyed the pics~


Laurent said...

Hey, am a big high heel shoe collector as well, I leave in Paris/france, amongst a lot of designer and brands I just developed a Jourdan mania (from the good era) and have quite a few nice pieces as well. It is nice to see other people sharing the lack of space created by a shoe collection, and the endless dusting... Anyways glad I came through your blog and will come to visit again...I am a fashion designer and design a few shoes every season in order to match the clothes, but it is not enough!!! I will start my own shoe brand soon...will let you know, cheers Laurent

HG said...

Hi Laurent, Sorry for not posting back sooner. I seldom check my account but was happy to see your message today. It would be great to see some of your work. I'm going back to fashion illustration, but definitely have the shoe bug forever. Please contact me back at my Hotmail account or find me on facebook. :)

Kind Regards,
Herb Greenwood

Julia said...

Beautiful Shoes and amazing photos. Love them!

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HG said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words:)
I'll be sure to visit your link-
Kind Regards,

Rhona said...

Herb, I'm speechless! I am lucky enough to own a few iconic 80's pairs of CJ and I still wear them, only for special occasions though. Where have you found all of yours?


HG said...

Hi Rhona,
Thanks for your kind words :) this collection has been drawn together from every source imaginable. Friends, flea markets, resale shops- from fabulous to grim, garage sales, online auctions, directly from retail stores, and showroom sample sales! So glad you like them. Check out my Facebook page, The Charles Jourdan Fan Club".

Feel free to post your shoes!


Rhona said...

Hey there, I'm still collecting and mending some oldies but I will post when they are ready! Can't find your facebook page though, can you paste a link to it at all?

So glad to hear back and to have found your site and that someone else is a crazy about CJ as me!


Jeannette said...

Your collection is exquisite Herb! You've done a wonderful job and it shows. All that wonderful eye candy, envy you dearly. One thing among many I love about heels is that no matter how much our size changes through the years, my heels still fit!! No wonder I adore them, and Charles Jourdan heels makes any person of any age feel and look sexy, and classic!

fzillion said...

Does this dress go with black patent shoes?
black patent pumps